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It’s not just a tagline, The Law Office of Richard Gresio really does mean business. Whether a startup, and existing business, or a new acquisition, we’ve worked with enough businesses through enough issues that while your individual facts may vary, it’s likely we’ve handled an issue similar to what you’re dealing with. This experience allows us to resolve matters you may find completely daunting, often far more quickly than you’d expect.

From the minute you begin offering a good or service in exchange for payment, you’re running a business. However, we understand and know from experience that solopreneurs and startups are a slightly different breed. Whether it’s a question about when you need to actually become a “real business” or concerns related to a fair method for determining ownership percentages, we are here to tell you when you do need to start working with professionals, and what you may be able to DIY.

We work closely with owners, buyers and sellers to counsel on matters including financing, acquisitions, dispositions, due diligence, title claims, joint ventures, leasing, construction, development, property management and more. We offer a vast knowledge of real estate for clients ranging from first time home buyers to seasoned investors and understand the different needs and requirements for each client.


A well-drafted commercial lease agreement is essential to the process, awe are prepared to skillfully draft such agreements, as well as assist clients with other commercial leasing matters – including landlord and tenant representation and defense against grievances.


Litigation, or the threat of litigation, plagues all businesses at some point. Our savvy and experience will give you the needed tools to navigate a wide range of commercial and business disputes including issues related to breach of contract, fraud, business torts, disagreements between shareholders, members and partners, and various disputes arising out of real estate transactions.


With your reputation on the line, our employment litigation group can help insulate against the caustic effects of a labor or employment claim. We also serve in a consultancy role to help employers avoid the pitfalls of employment and labor disputes before a problem arises.


Avoiding litigation helps preserve a business’s time, resources and reputation – and we will work diligently to effectuate alternative dispute resolution tactics including mediation and arbitration.